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Dishcloths Galore

Dishcloths GaloreI am starting to get dishcloths galore! I have decided to include dishcloths / washcloths in a number of Christmas presents this year. The ones that need to be posted to Melbourne are finished, which is a relief. They can be posted on Monday.

In the photo at the top you can see the five I have made so far. You might recognise the one at the top as the first one I made. (See β€œMy First Dishcloth.”) It might be a bit difficult to make out the colour, but the one to the right is a pale apricot version of the same pattern. This is a crocheted pattern and I will definitely be using it again.

The dishcloth in the centre is a waffle stitch pattern. This is also crocheted and I have already started another one of these. I had to do a bit of maths to adjust this one as I am using double knit cotton and the pattern is for a heavier yarn. It has turned out really well and I have got the hang of playing around with the numbers now.

On the left side of the photo you can see a lemon cloth. It is knitted, as is the cream one at the bottom. I found these knitted ones really easy to do and I think the lemon one will be one of my favourite patterns.

The knitted dishcloths feel a bit softer, but I suspect the others will be just as soft once they start being used. If the cloths are going to be used as dishcloths, it will actually be advantageous for them to be a bit rougher anyway.

I have unearthed a full packet of ten 50g balls of the cream cotton from my stash, so I am all set to go full steam ahead on more cloths. They will be supplemented with a few coloured ones so I will need to do a little yarn shopping soon.

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