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Production Line

Production LineI feel like I’ve started a bit of a production line for dishcloths / washcloths. The photo above was taken yesterday morning before they were wrapped up as part of two separate parcels and posted away. Since then I have finished another one and started on the next.

You should be able to count eight cloths in the photo. Five of them are knitted (on the left and middle as you look at it) and the remaining three are crocheted (on the right). As I have another two either finished or close to it, I think I need to make another seven to have the number I would like. That will make a total of twenty-one! The time pressure will be off after that. I think I will use some of the leftover cotton to make a few multi-coloured cloths for me.

I can’t believe how behind I am with getting posts done. The cloths I’ve just mentioned are part of the problem, but I guess this tends to be a busy time of the year anyway. It’s good to be getting this one done, but I still have two book reviews to do as well.

Production LineYou may recall that I sent off a parcel to Melbourne last week. I showed you the cloths that were included, but I haven’t shown you the slightly different extra item that went with them. A friend recently loaned me a book called “Coffee Cozies”. I hadn’t come across these before and I was quite intrigued. There were a number of attractive patterns, and I scanned a few that appealed to me the most.

This photo is of the coffee cozy I made for my son and his partner. I was really pleased with the way it turned out. There is another one on the needles waiting to be finished, but more on that once it is finished.

How are you doing with your Christmas projects?

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