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The Longest Day

The Longest DayIt’s hard to believe but today, Saturday December 21st, is the longest day here in New Zealand. I only realised about halfway through the day when I went to write the date, and now it’s nearly finished. It seems like no time at all since I was commenting that it was the shortest day!

My production line of dishcloths has almost come to an end too. I only have a couple more left to do so the pressure is off. This means I have started to let my mind wander a little and have been playing around a little bit with some of the patterns.

I have already experimented with a two-coloured waffle cloth which, unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of before I gave it away. Another variation is based on the diagonal braid pattern. I have changed the direction for alternate repeats of the pattern to make it into a zigzag (chevron) effect. There will soon be another two-coloured waffle cloth as well, so I will try to remember to take photos of these two when they are finished.

The other day one of the books on my shelf caught my eye. It is a crochet sampler book which uses 63 squares, each of a different stitch, to construct an afghan. The photo at the top shows it opened out so you can see the front and back covers together. My plan is to experiment with some of these squares to make cloths for me.

This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster. I put in an application for a phlebotomy job (taking blood tests) last Sunday. They contacted me to offer me an interview, which I had on Wednesday. The interview went well but after a lot of thought, and some discussion with my husband and a friend, I withdrew my application on Thursday afternoon. I am now in the process of preparing an application for another job which I feel will be more suitable.

I have already finished my Teacher Aide job so I will be doing some daycare centre relieving until I find something new. New Year, new beginnings.

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