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Last Batches

Last BatchesI have finally finished my last batches for Christmas. Yesterday, Monday, I made my final three dozen Christmas mince pies. Altogether I have now made nine dozen this year. The previous ones have all gone, mostly to a variety of Christmas functions, although some we enjoyed at home. I also made a small batch of shortbread yesterday.

The other batch, which I finished today, was the last seven of the twenty-one dishcloths. All I have to do now is wrap up the final lot and they are done! You are probably over photos of my cloths by now, but I have included one last one so that you can compare them with the last lot (photo in “Production Line”).

Last BatchesIn my last post, “The Longest Day”, I mentioned that I had experimented with a two coloured waffle cloth. That one was green and cream, but I forgot to get a photo before I gave it to my friend. It was the same as the red and lemon one in this photo (red = green and lemon = cream) and I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

The other variation I mentioned was turning the diagonal braid into a zigzag. The two centre cloths in “Production Line” are diagonal braids, and the blue one in this photo is the zigzag. My next task will be to finish off the second coffee cozy that I also mentioned in that post. Once that is finished I think I will finally be able to work on some projects for me.

Earlier today I prepared the desserts for tomorrow evening. I will make the fresh fruit salad tomorrow afternoon. All I have left to do now is to put the icing on the Christmas cake before getting dinner and heading off to the evening carol service at church.

I wish you all a very special and meaningful Christmas.

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