Getting There – Slowly!

Getting There - Slowly!
Coffee cozy, front

There seems to be a lot to get done and catch up on, but I think I am getting there – slowly. The big news is that I have finished the second coffee cozy, the one I actually started first. (See “Production Line” for a photo of the first one finished.)

Getting There - Slowly!
Coffee cozy, back
Getting There - Slowly!
Coffee cozy ridges

I have taken photos from different angles to try to show you why it took a while to knit. You can see the big difference between the front and the back. Each ridge is eight rows deep so you effectively only grow your knitting by four rows for every twelve rows knitted. As you can imagine, this makes for slow progress.

In spite of being quite fiddly in places, and a bit slow to knit, I really like the finished effect. I still need to find some buttons to finish it off completely, but there is no immediate rush for that. My son will be visiting in a couple of weeks so the main thing was to get the knitting done. It doesn’t take long to sew on a few buttons.

The ridges weren’t the only new technique I came across with this project. The buttonhole loops are actually made using knitting needles. Each loop is four stitches long and you use the needles to make a crochet-like chain when you are casting off.

I went to cast on my “Hermione’s Everyday Socks” almost as soon as I had finished the coffee cozy. It turned out that I had accidentally tidied the wool away again, so I had to go looking through my cupboard to relocate it. I finally have the wool, the needles and the pattern all in one place so will probably get started on them after I finish doing this post. I’m quite excited to find out how the wool knits up.

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