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Slight Delay

Slight DelayI experienced a slight delay getting started with my socks. In my last post, “Getting There – Slowly”, I mentioned that I had everything together to get started. It was actually too late for me to start when I finished on the computer that night so I got everything out the next evening.

It was getting a bit late on Wednesday as well, but I figured I should have time to cast on and get a couple of establishing rows done. Unfortunately, I struck another problem. I had everything all gathered together, but I hadn’t wound the wool into a ball. The project got put away for another night and I finally wound the wool and got cast on last night (Friday).

The pattern specifies using two circular needles, but I have gone with double pointed needles as this is what I am familiar with. After a bit of a false start with casting on I am now about halfway up the rib band. The yarn seems to be fluffing up quite a bit as I am knitting it. I hope this is what it is supposed to do, and that it means the socks will be soft and warm. No doubt time will tell.

Part of the reason for my delay in getting started with these socks has been putting up new curtains in our lounge/dining area. Our landlord kindly purchased some new curtains for us and I spent a lot of time over the space of three days changing them over.

I took down the old ones and washed them so they can go to the curtain bank at a local recycling centre. This was quite time consuming and the heavy cotton fabric produced a lot of lint. The new curtains are ready-made thermal curtains so they all had to be ironed before I hung them – another very time consuming task.

I am really pleased with the difference the new curtains have made so the time involved was well worth it. They should be a lot warmer in winter as well.

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