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Something Different

Something DifferentI decided to start something different this week. Not much progress has been made on my socks because I have been too tired in the evenings to focus on finer yarn. I had a full week relieving at the daycare centre down the road. The first two days were in toddlers, and the last three were in infants. It has been pretty full on and is the reason I have been so tired.

I downloaded a pattern from Ravelry some time ago for a project called β€œKanata Kerchief Tank” by Right Brain Crochet. It is not the kind of thing I usually do but it really appealed to me. I thought it was something different that I could wear over plain tops to change them up a bit. Layering is something I have not been very good at in the past and I am trying to make some changes.

The top is crocheted in double knit cotton using a 6 mm hook so it is quite loose. It took me a little while to get the hang of the pattern but I am now really enjoying it. The first two rows are setting up rows. After that you just repeat the third and fourth pattern rows until you obtain the required square size. You make four squares the same then join them together. Straps and edging are added to finish it off. I have found it quite relaxing to pick it up and do a couple of rows in the evening, and it grows very quickly.

Something else which is very different for me is that I currently have three projects on the go (that’s not different!) and they are all for me. I don’t think that has ever happened before! Most of the things I make are for other people. The things I make for myself just get fitted in around everything else. Maybe there will be changes this year after all. I hope so.

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    1. Thanks. Unfortunately I am doing relief work while I try to find a new job so I have to take whatever jobs I can get. I will be taking a few days off while my son is visiting from Melbourne at the end of this week though. πŸ™‚

  1. I am trying to learn crochet so I can make one of those adorable scrappy blankets. I clearly don’t know where the end of the row is because my “square” looked more like a pyramid when I was finished!

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