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Family Stuff

Family Stuff
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I have had a lot of “family stuff” going on over the last couple of weeks. I apologise for not finding time to get a few posts done. A number of you may have noticed that I have been catching up with reading your posts over the last few days. Now I need to try to catch up on my own posts.

It has been really great to have visits from both my boys recently. Our younger son and his partner came over from Melbourne for four days around last weekend to attend a friend’s wedding. We don’t see them very often so it was really nice to have some time with them. They were also able to join in the fun for our eldest granddaughter’s tenth birthday.

This weekend our elder son was with us for the weekend. He lives in Hokitika and came up to Wellington for a training course from Wednesday to Friday. He was able to stay on for the weekend to catch up with us and some of his friends. Needless to say the grandchildren were excited to be able to catch up with both their uncles.

As well as family stuff, I have also been busy doing daycare centre relief work. The last three days of last week were eight hour days with infants (under twos). It is quite tiring, but I need to take what work I can get.

Tomorrow morning (Monday) I have an interview for a part-time Lab Technician job at our local Polytech. It is connected with the Nursing and Paramedic training courses and sounds really interesting.

Several people have mentioned in their posts lately that life has been a bit difficult. We have also been facing some challenging times. It looks like we may finally be turning a corner and starting to move forward again. I hope you are all managing to work through your own challenges too.

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  1. So glad you got to visit with your boys! I hope that your difficulties come to an end soon and all is well for you and yours. Will think good thoughts for you for the job and for your challenges!

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