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ProgressIt has been happening in fits and starts, but I have made a bit of progress with some of my projects. Unfortunately my time available is rather intermittent at the moment, so I am not as far ahead as I would like to be.

ProgressI now have three of the four squares done for my “Kanata Kerchief Tank” top and have started the fourth. The squares make up quite quickly until the last couple of rows. I am really looking forward to seeing how they fit together once the last one is finished. It is quite an intriguing pattern.

I managed to find a fairly quick and easy baby pattern to knit for my daughter’s friend. It is a 4 ply pattern, which is what I wanted, but I hit a slight snag when I went to start knitting it. After carefully going through all my 4 ply patterns, I discovered that the wool I was planning to use is actually 3 ply. Ooops!

ProgressI thought for a bit then decided I would go ahead anyway. It is a good pattern and the yarn is a lovely soft wool in a neutral colour. (They don’t know the gender of the baby yet.) I am using the recommended size needles for the wool and knitting a size bigger in the pattern. Fortunately there is a good range of sizes for this cardigan and, so far, it is looking good.

The main problem I have now is trying to find enough time to get the garment made in time. I have been very busy with relieving jobs for the last couple of weeks and this looks to continue. This is a good thing for our finances, but is a bit of a hindrance when it comes to handcrafts and computer time. Hopefully I can manage to balance things a bit better and make faster progress this week.

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