Achievements So Far

Achievements So FarI thought I would share some of my achievements so far as we come to the end of day three of our lockdown. There was a surprise addition to my project list on Wednesday night. My eldest granddaughter texted me before she went to bed to ask me to finish her gloves for her. She has been learning to knit intermittently for a while and her glove had been sitting at my house for several months.

Needless to say, Nana agreed to help her out. I did let her know that I had other things I was making as well though, so she wouldn’t be expecting them straight away. Having done that, I then decided that I would just push on and finish them anyway.

I actually pulled back the bit she had done and changed the pattern a bit. They were supposed to be all garter stitch but I put a band either end, with two stitches of garter stitch each end of the row. The main body of them is now stocking stitch which made them quicker for me. They are actually gauntlets rather than proper gloves, so just a rectangle folded in half lengthwise and joined up the side. When you sew them up you leave a gap in the seam for the thumb.

Achievements So FarThe reason for the distraction of the gloves was that I have finished the sleeves as well as the back of the little baby cardigan. I am now trying to decide whether I want to do a round neck or a V neck for the fronts. Not wanting to waste time while I think about it, I decided to whip up the gloves. I have also been doing a bit more on my crochet top.

Other achievements so far have included baking and bread making, and there has also been a bit of cleaning and sorting out happening. I’m hopeful of many more achievements in the next few weeks.

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    1. Thanks. To be honest I have been waiting for some time for her to ask me to finish them. It was easy mindless knitting that gave me a bit of a break. 🙂

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