Decision Was Made!

Decision Was MadeThe decision was made on Saturday night. I decided to go with the round neck version of the cardigan. The colour is a pale, slightly greenish blue, which is suitable for either a girl or a boy. I decided to take a risk and put the buttonholes on the right hand side as well, thus tipping the scales slightly in favour of a girl.

On Sunday morning I got a text from my daughter saying the baby had arrived safely on Saturday afternoon, the due date, and was a little girl. Yay! Not only have I made the right decision, but I now have the opportunity to make something pretty as well. I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to send them away. With the lockdown I can’t go out and get buttons, and I think the postal service is limited at the moment too.

Decision Was MadeI’m including some photos of the buttonhole band here and would like some feedback please. The pattern says to knit the bands separately then join them to the fronts, as do a lot of patterns. For some reason I really don’t like doing this and have worked out a way to join the bands on as I am knitting them. I cast on the extra stitches and knit them with the bottom band of the front then leave them on a safety pin while I knit the body of the front.

On the rows of the band that finish at the edge of the front I slip the last stitch of the band, work through the stitch on the edge of the front, then pass the slipped stitch of the band over the stitch from the edge of the front. I like the finish this gives and it also means I can get the right length for the bands without a lot of messing about. The real bonus is that it saves on sewing up!

Decision Was MadeWhat do you like doing with your bands?

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