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Day Two, Week Two

Day Two, Week TwoIt is now the evening of day two, week two of lockdown in New Zealand. This is Friday April 2nd and tomorrow night, Saturday April 3rd, we come to the end of daylight saving time. Usually we have a bit of a media campaign reminding us to put our clocks back and to check our smoke alarms. This year it has crept up on us with the media attention all focussed on COVID 19 and its effects.

To be honest, it will be a bit of a non-event for most people anyway, as we will not need to go out and be anywhere on time for a while. I’m trying hard to have some kind of routine in my days. They usually start out okay, but things seem to “slip out of gear” a bit as the day progresses. Sometimes it’s for really good reasons like when my son phoned me this morning and talked for quite a long time. Other times I just seem to keep getting distracted and going off on tangents.

One good thing to report is that the little baby’s cardigan is now finished except for buttons. I went through my button stash this morning but couldn’t find anything suitable. I will have to wait until the shops are open again so I can go and buy some. While I was in my storage (stash) cupboard I also found some pink double knit wool. There is enough of it to knit up a jumper. I have a really pretty pattern in mind and will decide as I go along whether to go with the jumper version or the cardigan.

I have been doing a few rows on my Kanata Kerchief Tank top as well and hope to post some progress photos soon.

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