A Waste Of Time

A Waste Of TimeWell that turned out to be a waste of time! In my last post I mentioned that I had a pattern and some pink wool picked out to do a “pretty” jumper to go with the neutral cardigan I’ve already made. (See “Day Two, Week Two”.) I was feeling inspired so I jumped right in and got started.

My original plan had been to do the back and the sleeves and then decide whether to do a jumper or cardigan version of the pattern. This plan was sabotaged by the fact that the cardigans all have the body (fronts and back) knitted as one piece. Fortunately I decided to do the jumper because I have run into a major problem.

The wool I sorted out is a cheaper brand, and I knew ahead of time that it is slightly heavy for double knit and only has 80 metres in a 50g ball. As the pattern called for two 50g balls, and I had three, I decided it was worth giving it a go. I was wrong. The photo above shows how far I got with the first ball. I didn’t even manage to finish the back so, after taking said photo, I pulled it all out. I’m going to try some different wool and another pattern now.

There was a positive side to all this though. Obviously I was feeling a bit frustrated about the waste of time and effort. I grabbed my crochet and sat and finished the fourth square of my top before I went to bed. As I mentioned in my last post, we finished daylight savings at the weekend, so the determination to get finished, coupled with being an hour later anyway, meant that I have been a bit tired today.

The really good news is that I joined the four squares together tonight and am planning to do the straps and edgings tomorrow. Hopefully photos will be posted soon.

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    1. Indeed. Yes, it’s a really pretty pattern and I was enjoying it. It’s probably for the best though as the wool isn’t as soft as I would like it to be for a baby.

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