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Easter Activities

Easter ActivitiesIt’s a bit belated, but here is my post on some of my Easter activities. The wreath was an activity compiled by one of our church members to help families work together to celebrate Easter at home. It has been hard not being able to meet for our Sunday services, especially so for Easter.

Easter ActivitiesThe wreath activity started on Palm Sunday when the first PDF was emailed out. It included the first section of the Easter story with an audio link if people wanted to listen to it as well. There were some questions for people to discuss which were suitable for all age levels. The last page of the PDF had the dimensions for making your own cardboard wreath. It also had the first two pieces to colour in, cut out, and stick onto your wreath.

The next parts, containing the same kind of materials, were emailed out on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Our pastor included the activities as part of the online services he has been doing as well. It was really good to be able to do a group activity even although we couldn’t meet together.

Easter ActivitiesThe Easter egg is part of something called “The Big New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt”. A number of children had emailed the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, wanting to know if the Easter Bunny was going to be allowed to come this year. She made an official announcement at one of her daily COVID-19 update broadcasts that the Easter Bunny was officially declared an essential worker, along with the Tooth Fairy. Not only that, but she encouraged people to colour in eggs and stick them in their windows to compliment the Bear Hunt already happening.

It is really good to see families out walking looking for all the teddy bears, and now Easter eggs, that people have put in their windows to help keep the kids interested.

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  1. What a neat Easter activity! It’s neat that people are finding ways to do things together even though they can’t be physically in the same place. And so cute that the prime minister reassured the kids that way 🙂

    1. It really is. People have been really creative in finding ways to keep connections while still keeping isolated or physical distancing. The really nice thing about Jacinda was that she shared her 21 month old daughter’s attempt at drawing an Eater egg too. 🙂

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