Socks And Some Other Things

Socks And Some Other ThingsI have been working on my “Hermione’s Everyday Socks” and some other things over the last few days. The first sock is finished and I have cast on the second. It feels good to be making a bit of progress. I had such plans for getting lots of projects done during lockdown, but it has been strangely difficult to get any kind of momentum going.

My first sock is completely finished off, including having the ends sewn in. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about “Kitchener stitch” on their posts and finally got around to looking it up online. It turned out to be what I thought it was, although I call it grafting. I was really pleased I had watched the YouTube video though. The way it was explained made it a lot easier to follow, and I joined the toe together really quickly. I have joined most of the toes of other socks I’ve made for my grandchildren by just casting the two sides off together.

One thing I’m a bit concerned about with these socks is the wool. It is very soft but it also seems quite fluffy. I’m hoping this just means extra softness and not that they are going to rub up and get a bit matted. I guess time will tell.

The other things I’ve been working on include a little cross stitch project and a new baby jumper. I actually have two cross stitch projects sorted out, but have only started one in the meantime. It is going to be a gift for someone but I will also use a photo of it in my review of the pattern book it comes from.

Speaking of book reviews, I have discovered that I actually have three to do rather than the two that I thought. There are two cross stitch books and another crochet book. I really do need to get busy.

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