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Third Time Lucky?

Third Time LuckyI am really hoping that it is third time lucky for the little baby jumper. You will recall that my first attempt at a “pretty little girl’s jumper” was a bit of a failure. (See “A Waste Of Time”.) Well, I chose some 4 ply Naturally Loyal Baby Prints for my second attempt.

Third Time LuckyThe pink wool for the first jumper was double knit so I was using the three month old size. We are in autumn and heading for winter. As the new choice is a lot lighter weight (4 ply is what is known as light weight or baby in the US) I decided to do the 6 month old size so it would be more useful for spring or summer. This was a good idea in theory, but it has not worked out well in practice.

The yarn is pretty but has not knitted up the way I was expecting. It started out okay but then some quite big bands began emerging. I still love the colours, and I quite like the way the blue bands turned out, but I started getting concerned when I ended up with a big white band. It was hard to work out whether it was supposed to be there or whether there might be a dye fault in the ball.

Third Time LuckyAnyway, I kept going for a while to see what happened. It eventually became apparent that it was going to be bigger than I wanted. I have now started knitting the three month old size of the pattern with another ball of wool. The advantage I have now is that I can see the colour pattern in the first ball and will be able to match the bands in the front and back.

Third Time LuckyI’m including a sneak peek of one of the other projects I’m doing at the moment, a small cross stitch picture. More to follow on that later.

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