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One For Me

One For MeAfter all the dishcloths I made for other people at Christmas time, I’ve finally made one for me. I am planning to make some more for myself, but this first one was just using up an odd scrap that I had been given. It is a bit heavier weight than the cotton I’ve bought, and I’m not sure if it is pure cotton or a blend. If it is a blend it is a high percentage of cotton.

I basically just chose the easiest crochet pattern I had and kept going until I ran out of yarn. It has worked out quite well and is probably only a row or two off being a proper square. I have started using it and really like it. I’m looking forward to making some more with the same cotton I used for my Christmas presents.

One For MeThe little baby jumper has turned out really well. All the knitting is finished and now I just need to sew it up. The colours have matched up well on all the pieces. I decided to put the white band at the bottom of the body pieces and have a white band at the top of the sleeves. It took a little bit of fiddling around to get it to work, but not too much.

We dropped down to COVID-19 alert level 3 as of midnight on Monday. This means that businesses where people can’t work from home, and can operate safely with physical distancing and good hygiene practices, have been allowed to open. These are mostly the tradies, construction, and roading industries, plus any food places which can offer contactless takeaway options. There were big queues at the takeaway places on Tuesday. (Not me!)

At the moment I am concentrating on finishing my second sock, another thing for me.

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  1. Your baby sweater is adorable! The color stripes came out just right, and it is a really pretty pattern 🙂 I agree about the cotton dishcloths – they are so useful, and so easy to make. And that is a nice looking one, too!

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