Challenge Time!

Challenge TimeI’ve decided it’s finally challenge time. Over ten years ago I bought three 100g hanks of some beautiful yarn with only a vague idea of what I might make. It has been hanging out in my stash ever since. I think this was the first time that I bought yarn on impulse. Previously I really only bought yarn to make up patterns I already had.

During lockdown I have been going through the cupboard containing my accumulated yarn, fabric and other crafting supplies fairly frequently. This means I have come across these three hanks of yarn a number of times. They have been accusing me so I decided the time had come to try to do something with them.

The yarn is a kid mohair / merino blend bouclé in the most amazing rich colours of purple, teal and royal blue. It is so colourful and textured that I wanted the pattern to be really plain. I spent over a week looking through patterns, and experimenting with a variety of different sized needles. Nothing really jumped out and said “Pick me!” so I am going to sort of make it up as I go along.

Challenge TimeI’m combining different elements from three or four patterns to get (hopefully!) the right number of stitches and a fabric which is not too loose. So far I have a garter stitch band at the bottom, and will continue to knit the rest in stocking stitch. There is a five stitch garter stitch border up the side of each front. My plan is to see how far up I can get with the first two hanks then decide what the top will be like.

Challenge Time In the meantime I have been getting a few other projects finished. My second sock is finished and they are nice and warm and cosy. The little baby jumper is all sewn up and waiting for some buttons.Challenge Time

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  1. That really is gorgeous yarn! Can’t wait to see what you make with it – so beautiful! And your socks and the little baby sweater are just lovely too 🙂

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