ButtonsI finally ventured out yesterday in search of buttons for the two little baby garments I finished a while ago. This proved to be a bit of an adventure, as I had suspected it would.

The only shop locally where you can get a big selection of button now is a sort of discount store. They started out as a discount store but have gradually upgraded and some of the stuff they have is quite good. There is even a basic range of wool now, including some merino baby wool, instead of just cheap acrylic yarn.

Anyway, I knew it was not going to be easy to get buttons for at least one of the garments, so I was a bit nervous. Most of the buttons are in plastic tubes in wooden cubby holes along a part of one wall. I was pretty sure that physical distancing in that area was likely to prove a challenge. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I definitely felt the need to move away from a couple of people on several occasions. Obviously this prolonged my mission unnecessarily.

ButtonsI settled on some little smiley face buttons for the jumper and then tackled the little cardigan. The official name of the colour of this wool is β€œmint” but it is not what I usually think of for that colour. I suspected it would not be easy and I was right. After quite a search I finally found what I think might be the only buttons the right colour in the whole range. They are very plain but at least they match.

ButtonsI am pleased to say that all the buttons are sewn on and I will finally be able to get the finished garments in the post this week. Now I can concentrate on making plans for the top I’m making for myself.

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