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Birthday Cushions Completed!

I am pleased to report that both the birthday cushions have been completed. (See “Two Extremes of Cross Stitch”.) This is the first time I have used this kind of kit and I have found it very enjoyable and satisfying. The coarse canvas and the printed design have made the projects easy to follow and… Continue reading Birthday Cushions Completed!

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Two Extremes of Cross Stitch

I currently have two main cross stitch projects on the go, not counting a couple that have been sitting around for a while. These projects are both intended as birthday presents for grandchildren, and they represent two extremes of cross stitch. The one I am making the fastest progress with is a kit set cushion… Continue reading Two Extremes of Cross Stitch

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A Comparison of Pattern Grids

Last month a friend of mine gave me a special book on knitting. It is called “Knitologie” by Lucy Main Tweet, and contains some pattern grids which I found really exciting. I have quite a variety of cross stitch alphabet patterns, but this book has two different sized knitted alphabets, one being 14 rows high… Continue reading A Comparison of Pattern Grids

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The Magic of Outlining

I am always fascinated by what I regard as the magic of outlining when it comes to cross stitch. I have recently finished a special project for a very special friend. We have been friends since just before starting high school. This year a group of us are turning sixty, so we have obviously been… Continue reading The Magic of Outlining

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Calling All Wizards, Lookout For Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits

Renowned author J. K. Rowling has dominated the literary field since "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" debuted in 1997. Despite the popularity of the novels, there are few available Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits related to the series. Book and movie fans have now begun to create their own designs. In a number of… Continue reading Calling All Wizards, Lookout For Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits

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10 Good Reasons to Take Up Cross Stitch

There are numerous reasons for taking up the beguiling, blue-collar craft of cross stitch, ten of which are shown below. So continue reading then pay a visit to your local craft shop and start your cross stitching career today. 1. Why "blue-collar" you might ask? Well! When compared to most other pastimes, cross stitch is… Continue reading 10 Good Reasons to Take Up Cross Stitch

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Cross Stitch and Men – Crossing the Gender Barrier

Cross stitch is not just an activity for women. Plenty of men love to pull out those needles and flosses to cross stitch projects that they enjoy. For most men who cross stitch it is about creating "art" or having a special interest in the design... and of course Cross Stitch is wonderfully therapeutic when… Continue reading Cross Stitch and Men – Crossing the Gender Barrier

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Paula Vaughan

The first complex cross stitch picture I made was one by Paula Vaughan. It was called “Cherished Dreams”. (See photo above.) Since then I have stitched several other of her designs for special occasions, mostly for wedding presents. The “Cherished Dreams” picture was something I made for my Mum. My Dad kept it when my Mum… Continue reading Paula Vaughan

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Creating Cross Stitch Designs

A number of years ago the opportunity came up for me to look into creating my own cross stitch designs and kits. Unfortunately we experienced a fairly major change in our family circumstances not long after I had started, and my ideas were put on hold. Starting this website has provided motivation for me to… Continue reading Creating Cross Stitch Designs

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Christmas Is Coming!

I remember when Christmas goods appeared in the stores at the beginning of December. Now they seem to start appearing in early September. I suppose I am really in an ambiguous position on this though. On the one hand it doesn’t seem right to have Christmas stock for sale in the shops this early in… Continue reading Christmas Is Coming!