On Their Way!

I have finished my first two Octopals and they are on their way. I posted them a couple of days ago and am now looking forward to getting feedback on whether they meet the required standard. Fingers crossed! I will let you know when I hear from Dawn Harpur at OFAPNZ. The yarn Dawn sent… Continue reading On Their Way!

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Two Jumpers and an Octopus

I have managed to get a few projects finished off over the last week or so. I have completed two jumpers and an octopus, as well as conducting a small experiment with pattern grids (see “A Comparison of Pattern Grids”). The two jumpers, more specifically a jumper and a cardigan, were for the same little… Continue reading Two Jumpers and an Octopus

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Handcrafting to Support Charities

  There are many ways you can use your handcrafting to support charities. In my recent article “Baby Knitting” I mentioned the Plunket Society in New Zealand, and the “Knit For Plunket” programme they run to help support babies in families who are struggling financially. The neonatal units in our hospitals are also always very… Continue reading Handcrafting to Support Charities