“Pink Fluffy Unicorns”

Actually, they are more like Rainbow Unicorns, but I keep having the song “Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows” popping into my head when I look at my pattern. I recently found a cute pattern for crocheted fingerless mitts which are decorated to look like unicorns. The pattern is written in sizes from toddlers to… Continue reading “Pink Fluffy Unicorns”

Karen's Korner

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

It’s hard to say goodbye to people we love. Recently my very special friend Heather turned 60. I designed and stitched a special cross stitch piece for her (see “The Magic of Outlining”). At the time it was very special to be able to give her such a personal gift, but I am even more… Continue reading It’s Hard to Say Goodbye


All About Loom Knitting

Knitting is a well-known art form which has regained popularity in recent times, and so have knitting looms. Knitting on looms is much easier than knitting on needles. Different manufacturers produce knitting looms that can be used by knitters at home. These are delightful and convenient items that can help to make knitting interesting. These knitting… Continue reading All About Loom Knitting