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Easter Eggs and Baskets

It seems a bit strange to be talking about Easter eggs and baskets when it feels like we have not long had Christmas, but Easter is now only a few weeks away. I have come across a number of free patterns lately with an Easter theme and thought I would do something a bit different… Continue reading Easter Eggs and Baskets

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Using Patterns as a Guide

Have you ever thought of using patterns as a guide? Do you have a few favourite patterns that you keep returning to? Sometimes it can be fun to get a bit more creative and change things up a bit, but it pays to start doing this with patterns you have used before and know work… Continue reading Using Patterns as a Guide

Lace Making

Update on Lace Sampler

My Lace Sampler project got put on hold for a while over Christmas and the school holidays. Now that the grandchildren are back at school, and there seems to be a little less going on, I have managed to pick it up again. Progress has still been slow as I have a number of other… Continue reading Update on Lace Sampler