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Special Occasions and Family

  Do special occasions bring family together, or does family getting together make occasions special? I think the answer is probably a combination of both of these. Even gatherings which may have a sad focal point, like funerals, can still turn into really special family occasions. Remembering the past together can strengthen our sense of… Continue reading Special Occasions and Family


Knitting Is Not A Women Only Club

This day and age knitting has a definite gender bent. We tend to think of it as a "granny" hobby done only by little old ladies rocking in wooden chairs. Maybe we think of young pregnant women waiting for the little bundle of joy to arrive. We never even consider a man to be a… Continue reading Knitting Is Not A Women Only Club


Knitting Baby Clothes Through The Years

If you've never looked into the history of baby clothes and knitting it's really terribly interesting. For example, many women took up knitting after the Stock Market crash in the 1930s. It made sense at the time. A few ounces of wool could keep somebody knitting for weeks at a time when most folks could… Continue reading Knitting Baby Clothes Through The Years


The History Of The Knitting Factory

With the introduction of knitting factories, knitting began to be done as a commercial business, rather than as a personal hobby. This happened when knitted fabrics became more popular and the demand for items became too much for local knitters to supply. In a knitting factory, knitting is taken to serious levels. With the recent… Continue reading The History Of The Knitting Factory


Knitting Through the Ages

Although the earliest known samples of knitting date from the 11th century AD, it is thought to have originated long before this. Examples of single needle knitting have been found from as early as 300BC. According to Wikipedia: ā€œKnitting is the process of using two or more needles to loop yarn into a series of… Continue reading Knitting Through the Ages