Karen's Korner

What’s New?

We often come across things in our everyday life that make us stop and think, stop and laugh, or give us inspiration. I wanted somewhere to share some of my "moments" with you so I have created "Karen's Korner". Watch this space for some information, amusing anecdotes, and inspirational quotes or happenings. I live in… Continue reading What’s New?

Cross Stitch

Creating Cross Stitch Designs

A number of years ago the opportunity came up for me to look into creating my own cross stitch designs and kits. Unfortunately we experienced a fairly major change in our family circumstances not long after I had started, and my ideas were put on hold. Starting this website has provided motivation for me to… Continue reading Creating Cross Stitch Designs


Crochet – Convenient and Versatile

Crochet is a French term meaning “small hook”. Whereas knitting uses two or more needles to form yarn into a fabric, crochet is done with just one hook. Instead of working with a row of stitches, each stitch or cluster in a row is completed individually before moving on to the next. I think most… Continue reading Crochet – Convenient and Versatile