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Slight Delay

I experienced a slight delay getting started with my socks. In my last post, “Getting There – Slowly”, I mentioned that I had everything together to get started. It was actually too late for me to start when I finished on the computer that night so I got everything out the next evening. It was… Continue reading Slight Delay


Getting There – Slowly!

There seems to be a lot to get done and catch up on, but I think I am getting there – slowly. The big news is that I have finished the second coffee cozy, the one I actually started first. (See “Production Line” for a photo of the first one finished.) I have taken photos… Continue reading Getting There – Slowly!


What Are The Best Needles To Use?

The very short answer to this question is probably that it is a matter of personal preference. There is a bit more to deciding which needles are the best to use, so I am going to do a small comparison here. The decision can also be influenced to some extent by the type of garment… Continue reading What Are The Best Needles To Use?