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Are You On Track For Christmas?

Wow! October is nearly gone already! I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting older (I turned 60 recently) or whether it’s just a sign of our society today, but the years seem to go by so quickly now. Ideally I should have started on Christmas projects in early September, or at least have some… Continue reading Are You On Track For Christmas?

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Homeless Knitting

A couple of months ago, in my post “Another Octopus and Some Scarves”, I was interested in trying to get some knitting done to donate to local homeless people. Unfortunately I was a bit late to get myself organised for this winter, but I am working on getting some significant supplies ready for next year.… Continue reading Homeless Knitting

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My Crocheted Knockers

My recent post about “Knitted Knockers” mentioned that there was a crochet pattern available as well as the knitting patterns. A couple of weeks ago I went away for a few days, and I decided to trial the crocheted knockers pattern. The materials required for crochet are slightly more portable than those required for knitting.… Continue reading My Crocheted Knockers

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Knitted Knockers

Several months ago I came across a wonderful initiative called “Knitted Knockers”. As the name suggests, knitted knockers are handmade prosthetics for women who have had to undergo a mastectomy. They are soft, light-weight, fully adjustable, and can be made in a huge range of colours. Knitted Knockers.org was founded by an amazing lady named… Continue reading Knitted Knockers


Enjoying Today’s Many Knitting Patterns

Knitting patterns are some of the things that make knitting such an exciting activity for so many people. Once you master the basic skills of knitting, you have the ability to make countless projects come to life. Knitting patterns are like recipes that can be followed to recreate your favorite dish. Knitting is more than… Continue reading Enjoying Today’s Many Knitting Patterns

Cross Stitch

Calling All Wizards, Lookout For Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits

Renowned author J. K. Rowling has dominated the literary field since "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" debuted in 1997. Despite the popularity of the novels, there are few available Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits related to the series. Book and movie fans have now begun to create their own designs. In a number of… Continue reading Calling All Wizards, Lookout For Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits

Cross Stitch

10 Good Reasons to Take Up Cross Stitch

There are numerous reasons for taking up the beguiling, blue-collar craft of cross stitch, ten of which are shown below. So continue reading then pay a visit to your local craft shop and start your cross stitching career today. 1. Why "blue-collar" you might ask? Well! When compared to most other pastimes, cross stitch is… Continue reading 10 Good Reasons to Take Up Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch and Men – Crossing the Gender Barrier

Cross stitch is not just an activity for women. Plenty of men love to pull out those needles and flosses to cross stitch projects that they enjoy. For most men who cross stitch it is about creating "art" or having a special interest in the design... and of course Cross Stitch is wonderfully therapeutic when… Continue reading Cross Stitch and Men – Crossing the Gender Barrier


Knitting For Your Health

I have been reading a number of articles recently while getting started with my website. In one of these articles I came across a link to a site named “Stitchlinks”. This site describes itself as “the home of Therapeutic Knitting since 2005.” It states its mission as being “to use knitting and other therapeutic creative… Continue reading Knitting For Your Health

Lace Making

Traditional Bobbin Lace

Bobbin lace is woven using pairs of threads wound on bobbins. A variety of designs can be woven using only three basic stitches, the half stitch, the whole stitch, and the twisted whole stitch. It is an old technique dating back to the 15th century. The weaving is done over a full sized pattern mounted… Continue reading Traditional Bobbin Lace